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    Gelmer funicular - steepest open funicular in the world and SwitzerlandFunicular Gelmer Gelmerbahn Switzerland

    The Gelmer Funicular is a funicular in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. The starting station of the line is close to the road over the Grimsel Pass. It is accessible by car and by the public bus service.

    The interest is enormous: If the weather is fine, there may be waiting times. The Gelmerbahn can carry about 60 people per hour. The ticket can be booked online. The ticket purchased online is also a free seat reservation on the booked course.
    Here you can book and reserve your ticket online.


    VonRoll built the steep railway in 1926 on behalf of the Oberhasli KWO power plant. In the early years, it was used for the construction work at the Gelmersee and the Grimsel hydroelectric power plants. In later years, tourists were also transported more and more frequently. In 2001 Garaventa completely modernized the funicular. The original car frame from 1926 (already with security brakes) received an open wooden superstructure.

    Since 15.12.2017, the new Stoosbahn is the steepest, public funicular in Switzerland with 2 cars and a switch. The Gelmerbahn continues to be the steepest, public winch railroad in the world with one carriage that is additionally open. At mast no. 13 the gradient reaches the record value of 46.61 degrees (105.80 %). During a ride in the open trolley you can experience the steepness live. Always a great experience, a ride on the Gelmerbahn !

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    6430.02 stoos neue stoosbahn 312227Information about the famous Stoos funicular
    The great funicular to Mount Stoos runs from the valley station Hinteres Schlattli directly into village of Stoos. After a 6-minute ride, the futuristic wagon arrives in the center of the village of Stoos. The difference in altitude is 744 meters, the length of the railroad 1740 meters.
    Each of the 2 cars is for 136 passengers and weighs a proud 27 tons. It has 4 cylinders on each car for 34 passengers in each cylinder. In both stations the car is horizontal. During the ride, the cylinders rotate and adjust to the incline. The passengers are always level due to the automatic leveling system, even at the maximum gradient of 110%. The round cabins were manufactured by CWA.

    Because of the enormous incline, there are 86 hold-down pulleys for the haul rope and the counter rope. These hold-down pulleys prevent the ropes from taking off meters high.

    With a gradient of 47.73 degrees (110%), the Stoosbahn is the world's steepest funicular with a switch and 2 cars. The public inclined elevator of Scenic World Blue Mountains in Australia reaches 52 degrees / 128% as a winch elevator with one car. Also in Switzerland there are non-public funiculars (winch funiculars with one car) which are steeper than the Stoosbahn.
    The masterpiece cost 88 million Swiss francs. This makes the Stoosbahn probably the most expensive funicular railroad in the world, but it is worth every franc of this sum. The Stoosbahn is simply unique and the world's reference for funiculars.

    The technical data of the new Stoosbahn:

    Steepest funicular in the world with switch and 2 cars


    Length: 22.414 meters
    Width: 3 meters
    Height: 4,59 meters
    Diameter of a cylinder: 3.8 meters
    Passengers maximum: 136 per car (4 cylinders for 34 passengers each)
    Weight of empty car: 27120 kg
    Payload maximum: 11880 kg (136 passengers + 1000 kg) 1 ton of goods at the same time with 136 passengers
    Payload maximum goods transport: 6000 kg on the goods platform at the same time with 73 persons
    Gross weight maximum (wagon weight empty + 136 passengers + 1000 kg): 39000 kg !!!


    Length: 1740 meters, of which 261 meters on bridges and 559 meters in tunnels
    Height difference: 744 meters
    Inclination minimum: 0 degrees (0%) horizontal in the two stations
    Maximum inclination: 47.73 degrees (110%) below the turnouts
    Rail: 46E1 (SBB I)
    Track gauge: 1435 mm standard gauge = 1500 mm (center-center rail)
    Bridges: 2 bridges bridge bottom station 115 meters, bridge top station 146 meters
    Tunnels: 3 tunnels 216 meters, 91 meters and 252 meters (from bottom)

    Traction rope

    Traction rope diameter: 54 mm
    Counter rope diameter: 30 mm
    Tension weight in the bottom station: 12000 kg
    Hold-down rollers: 86 hold-down rollers prevent the ropes from lifting off due to the incline


    maximum: 10 meters per second
    normal travel program: 7,5 meters per second (first 700 m), then 10 meters per second
    Drive: 2 x 1360 HP = 2 x 1000 kW, 2 motors simultaneously
    Transport capacity: 1500 persons per hour and per direction

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